Join the mercenary, John Heart, as he takes on today's villains, 80's style! Heart fights for survival in the deepest, darkest jungles, tackles a diabolical warlord across a sun-scorched savannah, tangles with the meanest of mafia bosses over a sapphire cityscape, deals with the razor-blade smiles of femme fatales and evades the cross-hair of a trigger happy General. All in the name of family, honour, a little glory and a lot of luck!

Money Kills is an original feature length movie in the tone of Die-Hard, Lethal Weapon, Rambo and Bond, topped with a fresh and fun style that aims to inject the pop back into the pop-corn action/adventure genre. It features a talented cast and has been produced by a highly professional crew that aims to enrich the face of UK film making as seen worldwide.

The film showcases diverse international locations, dynamic stunts and explosive effects, yet it has been produced almost entirely on location in Staffordshire, UK, with creative production design conjuring the illusion.

ACTION/ADVENTURE Written by Luke Openshaw and Lee Murphy, Produced by Luke Openshaw, Directed by Lee Murphy